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Hi, I'm
  • Olanrewaju

I am a
  • fullstack developer
  • tech writer
  • opensource enthusiast

I'm an experienced fullstack developer having built websites, web applications including database and models relationships, MVC and software architecture, APIs, tests and production deployment.

I'm also a tech writer who writes articles on web development, software development, and opensource.

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HTML5 circle CSS3 circle Bootstrap circle Python circle Javascript circle Jquery circle Django circle Docker circle Django Rest Framework circle FastAPI circle GraphQL circle PostgreSQL circle SQLite circle Heroku circle Netlify circle Git

Some of my works


Shopit is a platform that equips merchants with the efficient tools to run your business online(digitally).

Code's Portfolio

This is my personal portfolio website. Built with HTML, CSS and Javascript


Zuri Chat is a platform on which an infinite number of powerful collaboration apps can be built, a platform that will power remote work in the Web3 future.

Teen Wolf Token

This is the official website of a growing Cryptocurrency startup, The Teen Wolf Token.(Heroku Hosted)

Get My DP

Get My DP is a platform for generating usable banners for any form of event, tracking and promoting it for public awareness.

Note Web App

This is a markdown-supported note web app synced with your Gmail account for easy accessibility. (API endpoints available).

Portfolio-Resume Builder

Portfolio-Resume builder dynamically generates a personal resume and portfolio for people(users).

ChryzHub Blogs

ChryzHub Blogs is a blogging platform for technical writers and developers.

Todo Web App

A simple todo web application with a simple and intuitive UI with CRUD operations. Built with Django and React.

Conference MGT System

A conference management system with real world scenarios architectural design(API endpoints available).
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